Questions and Responses

UPDATE– What is the Young Leaders Program, and are you connected?  The Young Leaders Program invests about 18 months in mentoring a group of at-risk 14-16-year-olds in personal growth & leadership development, as well as teaching them English. 

Our teachers are all local people, and I get to work with them as the site director.

Wait, where are you living?  The Middle East.

What are you doing there?  Early on, I was teaching at a university and working at a community center (the center leads a small business enterprise for struggling families, English courses, and a youth after school program).  Later I became the site director for Young Leaders.

Additionally… I am continuing to invest in learning Arabic, and drinking tiny cups of dark, strong coffee with local friends.

Where do you live?  Early on, friends opened their basement apartment to me, and that worked as a great place to start out.  Later I moved to the second story of that home.

Things shifted in 2017; I got married to a man I had met in the Middle East, we spent a year in NY, then in 2018 we moved back to another below-ground (partially) apartment.

Do you have the technological essentials?  You mean to ask, can we communicate with you lots?  Oh yes.  Check out this thing called WhatsApp– or try FaceTime or Skype.

What is the weather?  During the (long) summer, it’s normal for the temperatures to go up to 120 and not dip much below 100 at night.  I rejoice that air conditioning exists.  During the (short) winter, our basement stays nice and cozy without needing to be artificially heated.  I rejoice in that too… because being cold is no fun.

Is it safe?  The region is full of rich culture and amazing individuals.  It’s a quiet area of the Middle East right now, but life is uncertain.

How often will you return to the US?  We’re figuring out what family needs and work responsibilities are in each season!dsc_00331.jpg

How do we contact you?

Who took those wicked awesome pictures? Right?  Thanks, Sean & Jenn Muldowney! (location: our favorite cafe in NY)

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